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Foundations of Data Studies

This class introduces digital literacies, focusing on data and information literacy in the media, civic engagement, business, informatics, and data science. Students explore the production of data; their roles as data creators and consumers; and the effects of data practices on society. Students apply their acquired skills in real-world situations.

Data Policy and Governance

This course surveys data and information ethics and policy, justifying data practices per ethical frameworks. Students examine data-policy concerns governing contextual data flows and the systems on which they rely.  Students distinguish the results of data policies and the manner they are used to support particular values.

Database Design

Concerned with a comprehensive view of the processes involved in developing formal access to information from a user-centered point of view. Considers various database models such as flat file, hierarchical, relational, and hypertext in terms of text, sound, numeric, image, and geographic data. Students will design and implement databases using several commercial database management systems.

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